The Dating Life of a Millionaire

Millionaire Paul C. Brunson

The dating life of a millionaire is often said to be non-existent. So when the old match maker, Paul C. Brunson, was asked about this notion. He said that the co-existence of the business life and dating life of a millionaire is in fact possible, against the popular belief. Brunson was also asked for tips for the millionaires who other than playing with their millions want to make time for a personal romantic or dating life. Being a successful person, a business tycoon or simply being a millionaire is no easy job. It is constant hard work, putting in extra working hours, going with changing day to day schedules based on the business strategies and decisions. In short it is a full time job that apparently leaves no room for anything else in life. But according to Paul Brunson the feeling of being loved and genuinely accepted and appreciated is essential for the start of a successful business life. In this regard he stated the Maslow’s hierarchy of need from the rules of business, which states that after the basic needs of food water etc. the most important one is the need to be loved and supported. So having a steady love life is essential for any successful person before or when he sets out to conquer the world.

The point was argued that a relationship has many ups and downs and usually gets affected when you are having business troubles. When you are encountering setbacks in your business than maintaining a healthy relationship looks like quite the impossible thing to do. But speaking from personal experiences Brunson dismissed such concerns saying that it is all a matter of behavior and attitude. Your business failures do not have to affect the health of your relationship if you keep your attitude correct and positive to difficulties.

According to Brunson it does not matter if you are a black woman, a white woman, a black man or whoever, if you are amongst the pool of successful people of the world you have a hard time managing relationships. So you better not believe in the rumors like black men don’t like black women etc. If you have wealth, by rule you encounter difficulties, it’s often healthy for the millionaires to date the opposites. Those kind of people who still have motivation for growth. Such people help to put things in perspective for the millionaires if they get their head too much into the sky. For relationships to work for the exceptionally wealthy people they need to be with someone having similar mindset. Millionaires do not need money for a relationship to work. In fact they need vision, values and the aspects of mind to make their relationships work.

As Brunson has a reputation of being a book lover so he also puts in his take on the books that he thinks might be helpful for the new people rising to success. He suggests that they need to read books that talk about will power, business relations and self-promotion. In relation to dating he suggested that online dating and match making sites is a good idea. It is an effective method to meet lots of new people for those wanting to date having the busy life that they get being a millionaire. As they might be afraid or unable to take out too much time in the beginning or do not want to appear insistent etc. Online dating is casual and less time consuming and easy to pursue. Another way is being more social, expanding their social networks, attending conferences, business events and mentor groups.

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