Elite Singles Review


If you are already tired of using causal hookups, then it’s probably time that you look for a long term relationship, if not a break. Elitesingles.com is known as a serious dating site and it has built this reputation by actually living up to what they promise. EliteSingles.com isn’t your ordinary Tinder-like dating site. It’s not made for casual hookups or a one-night stand.

The most prominent feature on this dating site is its is how it attracts members holding university degrees. In fact, more than 82 percent of the members either have a college, Masters or doctorate degree. If you are looking for a serious relationship but you don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of profiles every day, you can sign up for EliteSingles.com and let their algorithms do the work for you.

When you sign up for EliteSingles.com, you are provided with a long questionnaire that includes over 100 multiple choice and open-ended questions. Not just that, there is also a scaling answer to rightfully cover every aspect of your personality. EliteSingles.com claim to provide data-driven matches based on their special algorithms. When a user completes the questionnaire, most of their profile is auto updated so there isn’t much left to add except for the photos.

As the matches are provided taking users preferences into account, there are only a limited number of matches that you are provided regularly (around 7-10), but there is also a wildcard match list that finds 20 bonus matches for you through the usual swiping system that you can also find on Tinder.

EliteSingles.com provides a lot of different ways to interact with other users. You can send smiles, messages or just “like” the certain sections of their profiles. According to EliteSingles.com, their site isn’t a casual hookup site, but rather a serious one-of-a-kind online dating platform.

EliteSingles.com is also available as an app on the Play Store and the App Store, but if you are new to the platform, it’s preferable that you stick with the site only. The mobile app has limited features and won’t let you discover the full potential of the site.


The extensive questionnaire that every user is required to fill upon signing up for EliteSingles.com tests the users on 29 different personality traits.

The site is quite similar to eHarmony, matching you algorithmically with other people.

If you pass on a Wildcard match, you will never see that profile, ever again!

Once you are done with the questionnaire, much of your profile auto completes so you don’t have to manually provide a plethora of information to fill up your profile.

You can still add sections to your profile in addition to anything that the site adds for you.

You only come across limited number of matches every day thus encouraging you to give attention to those that are presented to you.

The Wildcard match feature is available only with the premium subscription and gives 20 extra matches.


  • A truly amazing app for someone who isn’t into hookups and one-night stands
  • EliteSingles.com does the most of the work for you so you don’t have to manually filter every profile
  • Premium subscription isn’t overpriced. Prices vary from $7.99 to $179.99.
  • Mobile app doesn’t drain battery


  • Limited features on the EliteSingles mobile app
  • No search option
  • Very lengthy sign-up process
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